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Great to announced the new giveaway for the upcoming month for May! Dubbed “MayDay Mayhem “, this is a giveaway worth taking part in.

Start Date: 03 April 2013

End Date: 10 May 2013

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Flame and Frost: The Raging [Review]

Upon starting the game client, you are greeted with the update/patch which are the normal and acceptable size for an update. Just FYI, those who have not opened their GW2 game client for some time WILL be greeted with some hefty updates.. (ME :/) The first task was to visit two protagonist of this chapter, Braham (son of Eir) and Rox (some warrior from the Charr race). Eventhough these two are located close to each other, I had some trouble looking for them. Part of it was probably due to the fact, I am a Norn (so I am not used to the place) and second most likely, I don’t like the design of the Charr main “HQ”.

Read the full review here.

March Madness

It has been a while since my last post. Been so caught up with the rebuilding of the site and the organization of the giveaway event we are currently having. 

For our viewers or just basically anyone out there, you can join our March Madness Event by following the link to the site.

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Just so you know, this is what we are offering.

1st- Choice of Game + Dota 2 Steam Gift + World Of Warplanes Beta Key 
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3rd- Dota 2 Steam Gift
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5th- Dota 2 Steam Gift






The future of MMO

Before I begin, let me state, this is purely based on my opinion. Other than that, enjoy 😉


The Future of MMO’s

written by Gin

The gaming industry has evolved leaps and bounds. We have various means to enjoy this. From the console games of the Playstations and the Xboxs and the future new ones OUYA and SteamBox, to the gaming rig with the most advanced graphic cards available, we ,as consumers are always faced with different ways to quench our gaming thirst for more thrills and excitement.

However, the gaming industry are fighting over a niche market. Too much games vs gamers. Well, it could be good for gamers as it would help us have more choices to pick from, but does that really turns out to be a good point?

Quantity over quality. Simply put it, when you’re out shopping, would you get the “brandless” pair of shoes or the “branded” ones? In the consumer driven world, a brand means alot , in this case,  to gamers. Not that we are going to show up with the game in hand to show to our friends or other gamers but it is the perception, that we have. The better the company or well-known the product is, the better it would be. It’s not wrong. Better financed product by well established companies, makes greater products. That’s the fact. Branding is important. The better your brand, the easier it will be to sell.

Ever caught up in a situation when you’re just split in two minds on which games to play next? It is true gaming is an expensive hobby.

That brings me to my first point, price. How the companies price the games and why, is not for us to debate on. Indie gamers or devs can’t really afford to risk their games (no matter how great they think it is) and put a monthly price against well established game titles. Pricing of the game itself matters to alot of the gamers out there. Some are perfectly fine with montly subscriptions, some are good with one time purchase and some, free to play. This is pretty interesting as, if done correctly, the gains, are considerable. Factors such as server scability, fan- based, player base etc all plays a part in this decision making process. I do think The Elder Scrolls online will be either a montly subscription or a one time paid product. The amount of kachings to gain here, is massive. I know i would be one of those jumping in the bandwagon for this game.
The amount of time and money invested to create a game itself is massive. While some are justifiable and provide hours of great and awesome gameplays, some just lack the punch.

As technology gets more advanced, so does our games. Gameplays are second priority these days in my opinion. Graphics has been the main push in the industry. Aesthetic factors of the game is the current major pull of a new game.

Which brings me to my next point.
Better graphics are deem as a focal point in startiing or developing new games. Well, this spell out more good games for us riight? Most of the time, this is not the case. Good games only last you for a decent amount of time.

I hate to do this comparison but hear me out. Gaming is slowly turning it’s direction like the  music industry. You’ll have the “main stream” vs the “indies”. In a perfect world where everyone co-exist peacefully, probably it will work. But hey, it is not.
The gaming industry is what it is. An industry. And in every industry, there’s a demand. And in every demand, there’s a market. There are always something,  a particular game might miss and boom, the next game you’ll see, will be a similar type/genre that covers it.

Games, MMOs, in particular will go the similar route as we see today. The bigger and established titles, will most probably be a paid subscription service or a one-time payment product. Games will be produced with the best graphics available.



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